S06E09-True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 Watch Online Free Stream

by plufr

True Blood Season 6 Episode 9

True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 Last night’s Season 6, Episode 8 of True Blood had us muttering Holly Cleary’s famous three words, “oh my goddess,” over and over again until the credits finally rolled onto our television sets. With that said, we’re claiming “Dead Meat” to be our favorite episode of True Blood’s Season 6 thus far — that is, until we see next week’s drama-filled installment.

So what happened during last night’s show that now has us counting down the days until Episode 9, “Life Matters”? Well, for starters, Sookie is contemplating becoming a vampire! The blonde-haired Bon Temp waitress was given an ultimatum by both her former and current vampy-flames. Bill told Sookie that if she didn’t release Warlow — and his magical blood — from her faerie captivity, then her friends (Tara, Jessica, Eric, Pam) would die the true death. Obviously, if you watched the past six seasons of True Blood, you know that Sookie has a soft spot in her beating heart for the supernatural creatures, which is why she brings the proposition to Warlow.

Warlow, whom we still don’t know if we can trust, tells Sookie that he will go with Bill to help save the creatures he hates under one condition: He can turn her into his half-breed bride. Sookie then debates turning into a vampire and becoming “normal,” which is when she does the most bizarre thing — she goes to Sam Merlotte for help. When was the last time Sookie and Sam interacted on True Blood? We couldn’t tell you, but the wide-eyed faerie doesn’t waste time in catching up. In fact, it’s as if no time has passed at all! Sookie still thinks that every man, vampire, wolf and shifter will come running at her beck and call. “I always thought you and I would end up together,” Sookie finally says to Sam, nearly making us fall off of our chairs. But the timing couldn’t be worse. Sam just knocked up the college girl whom he helped escape from Alcide’s pack.

After visiting her parents’ graves — you know, the ones who tried to kill her when she was young — Sookie confesses that she’d rather walk the earth as a corpse then lay for all eternity by their sides. Sookie then calls Bill and, an hour later, retrieves Warlow so that they can go to Governor Burrell’s vampire-killing camp and save the blood-sucking race. But, obviously, Warlow has been drained by Eric, who is pissed off about his sister, Nora, dying from Hep-V. So how did Eric get into the faerie safe haven? Well, Eric drinks Andy’s teenage daughter’s blood to get into the graveyard, after interrupting her fornication with Holly’s son. But, from the looks of Season 6, Episode 9’s “Life Matters,” Sookie’s soon-to-be husband remains slightly alive.